Hello world!…If that’s what WP thinks it’s good for the first post…

Hello world! Yes, this’s what I’m saying despite the fact that I know world does not hear me at all.

Firstly, to honor the first post, I guess I will behave myself very well. At the beginning, if anyone is really read this, I suggest you to click on the link ‘The Triviality of ME’ before you going on with my absurdity. If you spare a few minutes reading it, it will be highly appreciated. Although it’s only the ‘triviality’, it’s the significant triviality. If you are so optimistic, fragile-hearted, easily frightened, hypertension, suffering heart disease, oversensitive, optimistic (I know I’ve said this, but I just feel the necessity of reiterating it), or my acquaintance, please leave this blog; I do not want to attack any fragment of your delicate heart unintentionally with my savagery, harsh criticism, or imprecation. Not that I’m going to be a lunatic, but, in my perception, everyone has different standards.

I’m not crazy by nature, don’t worry. I will not practically bite anyone…too hard. I’m not a fighter or offender. I’m as coward as a chicken, baby chicken to be honest. But this world, or the citizen of this world, has been teaching us to be tough, or fake it, with its implausible insanity. Something you encounter in your life seems to be absurd and depraved, and you feel impotent and lethargic sometimes. That’s understandable. We do not need to be perfect and we do not need to be passionate all the time. The lines between things are thin and blurred, you cannot judge exactly what is right and what is wrong. Forget what the world has been trying to fool you and see things with your own mind. Just try.

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