Celebrate My Birthday with Dearly Dr. Martens!

It’s my birthday!! Hoorey!!

What!? I shouldn’t too celebrate it as it’s the reminder of my older age?

You may be right, but then, I’m still young, my official age still initials with the international standard numeral, 2, so I’m still YOUNG! Yes! Hoorey!!

Today is not my birthday, though. It’s four days ago. April 4th. My birthday had passed so monotonously and without any trace of a sunbeam coming out of clouds. It has rained a lot also. But it’s fine; I don’t mind raining. I love rain >_๐

However, I wanted to do something special for this annual occasion…although I was not quite sure what ‘special’ should be. Then, I realized that since my blog had contained only my..um..drawing, that ‘special’ thing might be some real photos! But, again, what photos should be? I’m not a photographer or landscape expert or traveler. I don’t even have a professional, big lens camera which comes along with those complicated and delicate tools, only a Canon digital camera which is my sister’s and an iPhone. Therefore, there’s no choices left much. I decided to do something not requires too much expertise. I’m pretty into fashion; clothes, accessories, shoes – you name it. And I just happened to buy a new pair of boots, Dr. Martens, Cherry smooth color 1460, the classic one, and I really love it! Usually, I’m not into brands (thankfully as I don’t have so much money to waste on Prada or something), so my fashion is quite more like street style and very simple (the real one, you know, not like high brands trying to imitate ‘street style’). Anyway, this real photograph post is dedicated to my dearly DM 😀

This knit dress should be called knit top for other people, but when I’m wearing it, it incredibly transforms to be a dress.

This second style is one of my favorite. I like maxi dress, especially the jeans one! And I’m lucky enough to be able to find a long dress fits my unique size.

This is my most favorite. The beige blazer (I typed it wrong in the picture, sorry) with casual look combining with jeans shorts and cropped top. Well, not that I’m good at professional looks.

Vintage style! It could do some formal parties, not too formal, though. And I bought this dress at a very cheap price 🙂 I like its beige color and lace.

There, the most color in my closet, black. This chiffon see-through shirt with velvet collar makes a good casual look and get on with jeans shorts very well. And of course, it cannot be this good without DM boots!

That’s it. I don’t like wearing many objects so the style is very simple and normal. But normal is what we’re wearing in daily life. And I didn’t apply any accessories with these simple style too because I could not find ones (we’re renovating the house and have to pack everything into boxes). I’m sorry for the low quality of the pictures. I used only my iPhone and I was not that good with Photoshop things 😛

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