Project One: Care About What’s Worth.

I attended a class called ‘Happiness’ at my office. I know. I know. Not that everyone in the class was so desperate or felt life was cheating on them. The content of the subject based on the Happiness class from Harvard…or Oxford? Or Cambridge? However, I ended up with a little project of my own. Something to help me develop something. Something to help me accomplish a mission. Something to enlighten my mind. To help me feel good with myself, so to speak. And my mission, which should have started a few weeks ago, is 10 (actually 15, but…well) drawings of my new drawing style. Drawings of anything comes out of my mind. I’m not a professional illustrator, though.

This is the project one: Care About What’s Worth.

I made a new experiment with Copic markers (fantastic!) and water color. I’m bad at painting. I know it now. Is that the purpose of this project? No?

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