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DIY: Little twisted Kindle cover

This blog is going to be a mess…like my cooking..where I put every eatable thing in a pan. Now, this post, I come up with DIY. Not that I do it often. This is my first DIY, first handmade cover, without anyone’s help, blimey! And it’s really cheap for I use only what comfortable for me, the thing that’s just sitting there, waiting for someone to throw it into a bin. I bought some materials and superfluously calculate it out for only $10. Let’s see what I’ve done.

I’d got a new Kindle Touch for work about two weeks ago. I was looking up on for a cover because I didn’t want it to get a scratch. Well, the covers there were pretty, with those high-class looking Victorian pattern all over it, and the prices were pretty, too, at the cost of $35. I liked the lighted leather covers but they cost $60… It was not too expensive, but since the Office would be the one paying it and it needed tons of documents. And I hated documents and I just had a mood. So I decided to make a cover myself.

These are the materials.

First, of course, the Kindle, although I could buy a cute case of iPhone before buying the iPhone. The others are leather (I prefer tan brown but the shop has got only cherry red and baby blue, you cannot have everything), star pins, square pins (I bought them to remake my shirt months ago but never gained the mood to do it), a strip of elastic, a spool of thick dark brown thread, a needle (a little strong big one. The leather is not gentle with it at all), a plastic plate (I used a white plastic plate left when you buy a stack of document files. I was just roaming about and found it in the bottom drawer), and the other stuffs you need along the way such as a ruler or glue.

After you’ve got everything you want (or if you don’t know you want something, it’ll come up soon, don’t worry 😉 ). Here is the very simple way to make a cover.

1. Cut the plastic plate little bigger than the Kindle. Trim the corner. You don’t want a hole on your leather and ruin all your effort because of a sharp plastic corner.

2. Cut two pieces of the leather in appropriate and reasonable size. OK, the truth is I didn’t measure the exact size of it.

3. Glue them together. I used latex glue because it was there. It may need an extra time to dry but it still works well. You also have an extra time to play with glue you were not allowed 15 years ago.

4. When everything is in its place, snap little holes on the corners of the plastic plate to make room for elastic. It’s to contain the Kindle in place.

5. Decorate the cover on another piece of the leather.

6. Time to put them together! I sewed it slowly while watching TV series and doing other stuffs. It got out of the line sometimes but that was life!
It’s really simple, isn’t it? You can sew your own cover of any other things. Believe me, if I, whose laziness is the great burden, can do this, anyone can do it too. 🙂
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