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I Need Some Time Off

Dear Work and Life (no, it isn’t in order of priority or importance or trouble),

How are you? I’m not good as you may see. No, you didn’t ask but thanks anyway. I need to tell you something.

I almost cannot bear it anymore. I. NEED. SOME. TIME. OFF!!


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Mini B&W Toons: I learnt not to be so flattered.

Flattery is in my veins, especially compliments for my very own self.

I’ve been proud of myself since I was a kid. Well, if you don’t praise yourself, who will do? OK, it may sound smug, full of myself, conceited, or whatever, but hey, there was not many people did compliment me. My mother rarely appreciated what I’d done. It was not her fault, anyway, she was just too busy to notice such little things. However, I learnt some lessons when I was about seven. It was when I did my homework for an art class…


My dignity, my self-satisfaction, was ruined. It was worse when I did not even notice the damage. Wish Mommy hadn’t told the painful truth. My masterpiece!


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