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Project Three: Do Not Tell My Boss.

Shh…this is between us. Nudge me if my boss’s coming. It kind of keeps me happy at work. Happiness is my company’s motto, anyway.

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How to get rid of your miserable week day.

On many social network sites, every Monday, there’s at least five people out of ten ‘speaking’ something about being on Monday. Something as ‘Gosh, MONDAY again!’, ‘F*ck the traffic!’, ‘Monday again? I swear it’s just passed!’, etc. And every Friday everyone will be freak out with ecstasy. The atmosphere will be changed into ‘Awwwww, FRIDAY!!!’, ‘Where’re you going tonight, babe!?’, ‘Let’s hang out!’, etc OMG. It seems that week day is tragically transformed into fangful, snarling monster ready to bite your head off with one snap. Well, it may be….

Anyway, I don’t want to be one of those people who piss out on Monday and embrace Friday. It would be so inconsolable because week day is the most part of your life. And if you’re just overwhelmed by the sense of aversion to it and feel as if you’re enduring the considerable time of your life, your lifetime will be definitely shorter and shorter. How could you survive to the next ten years with this misery? Therefore, I decide to decrease the gap of difference between week day and weekend by making my weekend to be like week day; suffering alike or more.

1. Surround myself with the most ignorant and dagger-eyed people in downtown with no place to really rest.

This way, you will feel exhausted, vulnerable, and melancholy that you almost scream out with relief when you get back to your dark and cold house. In this frantic downtown, people will rush to and fro around you all the time even though the languid sunlight are shining soothingly. And if you’re already worn out from being incessantly attacked by passersby, you have to look for a place to rest carefully. Of course, there’re coffee shop, restaurants, or even benches on the foot path. But if you’re not careful, you may find that a little cup of rich coffee you’re blowing costs your approximate daily wage. And if you’re not definitely careful, your bank account may be bit off a large chunk. My friends had gone to a lovely restaurant on some relaxing day and got out with a panic look and a bill cost nearly half of her salary… No relax at all that day. Then, the benches sounds good, but you sure don’t want to sit there so long with the ignorant but observant eyes of passersby. The places where you can really rest without any concern of looks and money are those international cholesterol and heart attack sellers; MacSomething and KenSomething – you name it.  But with the bunch of those little figures resembling the people outside with the tendency of more hectic personality?…… Well, make your choice…

2. Surround myself with unpredictable, moody, changeable like weather in tropical forest, and pessimistic family.

You will certainly not be able to concentrate on anything. They will not let any minute waste without complaint. There must be at least one thing that someone thinks it should be better or it shouldn’t be there. Also, someone must not be satisfied with at least one thing of what you’ve done. And believe me, that causes particularly stress-related mind problems. You will be overwhelmed by misery and strain that you may need to knock your head with the poor walls. It’s the cons of being with many family members but at least you’ll never feel lonely.

3. Surround myself with occasionally energetic people.

These people, such as your usually lethargic family, are not always energetic. But when they are, nothing can prevent them to do whatever comes across their minds at the time. They truly believe that such activity they’re going to do (and drag you to do, too) is helping freshen up your dark life, which may be true if they’re not taking it too serious and dragging me out of my warm and comfortable bed at an ungodly hour…without warning…

4. Renovate and redecorate your room so that you’ll not have any privacy and energy left.

It’s time to get things done. The rooms that need to be renovate five years ago. The point is that you need to do it All at once. Painting the walls of every bedrooms at once will safe a lot of time. And this way, you’ll have no room to dwell for a while. Many people will be walking in and out of your private room and see what you have possessed. No action blood-splattered films, no slightly pornographic Youtube, no sitting around without doing anything or the people walk by will give you a questioning frown. You also have to push, pull, and drag   furniture, changing the room’s atmosphere, and end up put everything back in their original positions because it’s the most versatility in the first instance. Then, you’ll have no energy left to do anything contentedly.

There, now, weekend is your shelter of real life no more. If you follow these simple processes, you’ll definitely embrace Monday. It’ll not be your purgatory and not give you a persecution complex anymore. Well, at least, when you come back to work, you’ll be able to make peace with yourself and you’ll thank everything to be there.

Such an attractively tranquil state!

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