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Project Three: Do Not Tell My Boss.

Shh…this is between us. Nudge me if my boss’s coming. It kind of keeps me happy at work. Happiness is my company’s motto, anyway.

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There’s this feeling once in a while.

Apart from being so small that people think I’m malnourished (sorry mom, I know you do your best), they also keep telling me to have my hair cut. Because face it, as I’ve just said, I’m small, and small figure does not get along with natural wavy, heavy long hair well. It makes me look smaller, shorter, and too down-to-earth…literally. I’ve almost never paid attention to my hair (and face) for about three or four years and it developed itself into this purgatorial state.

So recently, I decided to do something with it and ended up with this Korean Salon. And as its name gave the clue, the hairdresser was Korean, of course, then the first obstacle…

You have to take risk once in a while to freshen up and vividize your life. Anyway, I totally had no idea which hairstyle would do best on me, so I let her do whatever she thought it would help glamorize up my  lethargic look to be more impeccable…or at least, bearable.

My stubborn head cooperated with this commotion very well that I was surprised a little. And here it goes 🙂

And there has to be this feeling once in a while; it’s when you get out with the gratifying sense of confidence whether you actually are ravishing or not.

Note: The big dark circles are still there and the pimples reduce into little dark spots, but they’re left to be concerned in this satisfying state.

Let’s enjoy this very moment!

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